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i dont think you should still be having seizures 10 monthes after starting teg. i would def. talk to your neuro. and there are lots of meds out there for generalized szs that dont cause the weight gain. i know zarontin is used just for absence szs. theres lamictal, topamax, keppra, zonegran. depakote is supposed to be really good for absence szs. im on that now,along w/ topamax, and it does cause some weight gain but its not too bad. its all a matter of seizure control vs. side effects. i know topamax and and zonegran make you lose weight. i lost a lot of weight on zonegran, almost to the pt of having to be taken of cause i was too skinny. good luck w/ the med game...it takes a while to figure out, but youll get it!