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Sorry to hear what you are going through. My husband has had epilepsy for almost 20 years now. He used to be on Depakote and Tegretol but was later changed to Zonegran and Keppra. I have to admit, the Keppra really changed my husband. He started changing to someone that I didn't know. He started getting very angry all the time and very cold towards me. When we finally went back to his neurologist, his meds were changed. It was too late. It had caused a chemical imbalance. His neurologist started him on 100 mg of Lamictal. It started helping but not enough. I started doing research on the Lamictal and found out that it was also used to treat Bipolar symptoms.(angry, aggressive to name a few) Anyway, it wasn't until my husband started having hallucinations and not caring for anything that we had to make the hardest decision ever to have him temporaily commited. It was later determined that he had an organic personality disorder due to all the meds. His psychiatrist started him on Zyprexa which has done wonders. He is currently on Zonegran(200 mg), carbotrol(1000 mg), lamictal(200 mg) and zyprexa(20mg). He has gone back to being his old self. The neurologists and psychiatrist both agree that with time they can start weening him off the meds. I am just glad to have my husband back. It took about a year or so but it was well worth it. I know what you are going through and its not easy. You just have to continue trying different things until you get results. Just don't give up because your DH does love you. One thing I have noticed is that during that hard year, my DH does not recall a lot of what had happened. In a way, thats a good thing. Well sorry this was so long. Whatever you do , dont give up. Just keep supporting your DH because it will do wonders. Even though he may say that he doesnt want you around, don't take it personally.

Hope this helps,