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Spell it from the bottle. Tell us if the med is Capsul or Tablet so we can help you better.

Ativan (Lorazepam) is the closest that comes to MY mind, more of an anxiety depression use drug, but also used for seizures. (smaller tabs, 5 sided, score line)

There is Zonisamide; Zonegran is the brand name. (red one side and white the other for the capsul)

In the last couple of years about 3 new drugs have come out that I can't think of the names for.

Lycira is one of them I think. A friend is on it. Can't tell you anything about it.

Sorry I couldn't help more
They tried adding Z with my case, while on 3 other meds. One of it's sideFX is weight loss. I had good percentage of body weight lost, causing another med level to become high in my system.
Needless to say I'd say keep an eye on your body weight just in case.

In my case I had negative drug interaction problems that caused me to get off it. I WAS placed on a similar medication to Z, after I leveled off and regained the weight. Topamax is a very close (in how they work) drug, but did not give me the interactions I had on Z.

I was also taken off of Dilantin when starting up on Topa; that may have helped avoid the prolems I had with Z before had Dilantin been reduced.


Good luck on finding other Zonegran users.
i was on zonegran and didnt have a very good experience, thats not to say yours will be the same though. i was on it for about 3 months. and the only thing it did was increase the amt of szs i had. i started having about 2-3 szs a wk, which is way more than before. and i also lost tons of weight. hopefully you have better luck w/ it.
I was/am taking zonisamide or zonegran (maxed at 400mg), i found that it caused my simple and complex partials to increase after the honeymoon period and am now due to see the back of it this friday. I believe that it is a drug that has been tested/trial'd in japan you may find out more about it from their pages!

I am sure that it shortened my fuse as-well but i am a father of two so can't be sure.

Hope it's of some help.

My neuro. is still peeved at me because I told him I didn't want to go on Carbatrol but instead wanted to try Zonegran. See, I had the NERVE to do research on Carbatrol and didn't like what I read re; side-effects.

He said that Zonegran is less effective than Carbatrol when it comes to controlling partial seizures, that's why he wanted me to take a Carbamazepine (which is Carbatrol--the generic for Tegretol.) I didn't feel like adding onto my Keppra side-effects and destroying my liver at the same time.

So we're at a stalemate.

I wish you luck on the Zonegran, though! Me, I'm just seizing as usual with the Keppra/Topa combo because how dare I question the almighty doctor. ;)
Zonegran / Zonisamide - 500 mg (200 am / 300 pm) one of my AED's that I take, and I have absolutely no side effects at all, not even weight loss. I still am the same weight as I was, and I'm very Petite. However, medication fluctuates and differs from individual to individual. So please keep that in mind always!

What may work for so and so over there may not work for the others over here. Every one of us is unique in every way, and plus, some of us also have different type(s) of seizure(s) and some of us may or may not have additional medical problem(s) as well that may have an impact upon everything in perspective.

Hope this info helps! Good Luck! :angel: