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In my situation, I was fighting a Dr who wanted to put me back on a bad combo when I started on Keppra. I somewhat quickly went up to 3000/day (1500mg AM and PM) and was fine. I had issues when the Dr did not pay attention to my complaints of problems and pushed me to 4000/day when symptoms started. Once I was reduced (ER Dr orders) back to 3000/day; within 36 hours I was back to normal, no problems.

That was what (making me think!!) a good 6-7 YEARS ago. Just in the last 20 months (or so) I had Keppra lowered for the first time due to high blood levels, but no noticable symptoms (like I had at 4000). We were only trying to drop my levels from mid 60's to where I had held before. Last test I was still a little high. Still am on Keppra.

Overall I give it good review from **my personal experience** on it; but each patient is different.

Over the years I have started out on (and am still on) Tegretol (in some form over the years). As well as:

Phenobarbital, Lamictal, Dilantin, Topamax, Depakote, Zonegran. (all but Topa has been in the past)... Meds effect our memory as well. I think thats my list :-)

I cannot comment on Keppra as Monotherapy (one medication only). I have almost always been on poly-therapy (two or more medications).