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Lyrica is a metabolite of Neurontin- which has been found to be good for many disorders. I was given it for the autonomic disorder to try, when I was unable to afford Neurontin (on Medicaid- no prescription coverage). It's still considered an anticonvulsant since it's an offshoot of Neurontin- I hope it works better for neuropathic pain than it did for autonomic symptoms :)

I think it's great that they keep looking for better meds for epilepsy, but so far, I haven't been impressed with the 'new' ones I've tried. I haven't tried Lamictal, Zonegran, or some of the others, but I also don't do well on most meds, so prefer to do the ones that can be tapered slowly up and down. At least with the Topamax, they've got the 25mg tablets, so I can use small doses..... and the plan is to get rid of the Tegretol (which had been working) but now they're calling the seizures refractory.

One doc mentioned a VNS.....but, with the autonomic disorder, I may end up with a cardiac pacemaker, and I can't imagine a magnet being much good for that....