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Quick bio: hubby is 40 y/o and had a tonic-clonic seizure 2 months ago. He had a few episodes (one side of the body numbing, vision blurriness, unexplainable feelings) when he was in high school but couldn't explain them. Never saw a doc, sleeping it off seemed to work. Then in his 20s & 30s had severe migraines. We had a few great years then BAM, out of nowhere, he had a TC lasting 5 mins. He stayed in the hospital for 2 days, had a bunch of tests. MRI was clear. His EEG shows "intermittent inactivity in his left temporal lobe". Doc diagnosed him with seizure disorder.

The medication has been hard to adjust to. He started w/ Zonegran which made him extremely fatigued, depressed, nauseas, no sex drive, zombie-like. His neuro switched him to Trileptal, which gave him his first migraine in years. He stayed on the Zonegran because he was comfortably numb. At his last appt the Doc switched him to Lamictal, which so far looks like it may be the one. He is 2 wks into a 4 wk transition from Zonegran to Lamictal. He does have some nausea, low appetite & jitteriness but his personality is 90% better.

The hardest thing for us had been the complete lifestyle change. He was an active, busy, productive person. He worked for himself as a contractor, basically anything that requires using ladders and power tools. Was very well thought of by all customers. He is a volunteer fireman, trusted by the crew. He's the funny guy that the kids gravitate to.

His license has been taken for 6 months, understandably. He's been advised to change his career, which he's been doing for 22 years. He'll probably never be permitted to drive a firetruck again and I'm not sure about running into a burning building. I've noticed (not sure if he did) a woman at Church wouldn't let him hold her newborn baby, he absolutely loves babies. Can't say I blame her.

He has no income, money is tight. I'm working so much I'm losing control on household/child responsibilities and still can't financially support the family. He tries to keep up. While I'm at work I worry constantly if he's having a seizure alone. Is he on the rocks in the driveway? Was he too close to the pond? Was he near the steps? If my daughter is home I worry about how she'll handle it.

He's afraid to use power tools, something he could do before w/ his eyes closed. He's not sure what to do w/ his life and the medication makes it very hard for him to focus long enough to think about it. He's stuck home a lot and is depressed.

Gees, if you're still reading, I apologize. I don't mean to be all "poor us". But our friends don't understand so when the say "how are you?" we say "ok". I think they just want us to move on already. This is the first time I've put it all out there.

Anyone relate? How did you work through it? Do we give this new med a chance? Should he see a counseler? The thought of him having another seizure cripples us. I need some hope :)