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Yolo, I lost about 25% of my body weight on Z in roughly a month due to the sideFX. My Dilantin levels shot through the roof as a result of weight loss and I became toxic. Needless to say I wasn't on Zonegran for very long.

Now on Topamax it makes the mind think you are not hungry and presents a similar chaos. I had to learn how to overcome those issues once I hit 300mg/day. I have no desire to eat due to the medication.

I think I am one of the few people that want to GAIN weight because of medication issues. I am holding, but barely getting enough nutrition in my system.

I never noticed that with Keppra. I was as high as 4000/day on Keppra and eating was fine and dandy. Lets just say the sideFX at 4000 were a little drastic and I had to be reduced back to 3000. However eating was never an issue with Keppra.


FYI I'm on TegXR Topa and Keppra.