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So sorry that you have had so many issues with Keppra (evil and vile medication for my son, it nearly DID kill my son with 2 suicide attempts)....Topamax is a great medication for both of us, but everyone is different...

Zonegran was a fairly good one for him if it was NAME BRAND....there are at least 10 manufacturers of this medication. If the pharmacy switches between the makers on you, that can be a big issue. This was a big problem for my son. (that is why we ended up switching..he had lost 14 pounds in less than 2 months) He lost seizure control just as Keppra quit working. He went from 7 weeks complete control for the first time in years to multiple seizures a week....epi weaned Zonisamide because of the sudden weight loss and we had Keppra, playing around with the doses trying to regain the control, dealing with the mood issues!~

Zonegran can have some cognitive slowing, but we did not have trouble with that for him....My daughter was on this for one year and did have an increase in Anxiety while on it. ( shows how individual these meds are!)....Sam has been on this two different times and it has been a decent medication for him. He did have titration seizures when going up, about 2 weeks after each dose increase, but they always settle down after he adjusts. Zonegran is on our list to try again if Topamax does not work out for him....

Lamictal is the other medication he currently takes. It is one that can cause some insomnia. We did have this problem, but it calmed down eventually. Titrating slowly was the best way to go. He took 6 months to go from 25 to 200. That worked well! For some reason, the epi then choose to go fast from 200 to 400....this was a ROUGH titration and caused a lot more titration seizures and side effects. Sam does have acne from Lamictal that needs an oral antibiotic ( minocyclin) and 4 prescribed topical meds. He did have some acne prior to Lamictal, but this is crazy! He is almost 17. it is a known side effect for adults and teens. Lamictal is also used as a mood stabilizer so that is a benefit. We like this med for the most part.

I hope you get help!
My comment on Zonegran would be it depends on how it works for you. In my case it caused excessive weight loss at a rapid rate. That was my downside with it. I was also taking 3 other meds at that time so it *could* have been a med interaction issue that we didn't expect.

Z is a cousin chemically to Topamax, so be aware of that. They act differently in the weightloss aspects where topamax effects the mind, and Zonegran increases the bodies burning of fats or foods to get rid of weight (in many of our cases unwanted).

Lamictal I don't have anything negative to say about. I was on 800 or 1000/day I think (blue tabs, 200mg). It's been a while to try and remember that. My body wasn't compatible with it pretty much. The levels wouldn't register in the range. They came up VERY very low; reading that I was not taking the medication when I was.

Needless to say I didn't remain on Lamictal for very long.

If you had issues with Topa in the past, tread lightly with Z is my advice.