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We have tried so many combos with Tegretol such as Zonegran, Lamictal,pheno,topomax and now we are on Depokate which has worked the best BUT tegretol and depokate DO NOT work well together...for the depakote can make the blood levels of the tergetol increased. Hince why we need him off tegretol and on depakote alone THEN we can try a combo with other meds alone with depakote. She does believe on going off meds S L O W L Y. I am so thankful for that.
We got the blood work back and the depakote levels were 117 very good she says when she called yesterday. BUT DANG IT!! He had another GMS this morning at 4 am!
It was not bad and he was over it quickly....was up at 8 ready for breakfast.....I am thankful he recovers so well from them.

I will call her again Monday and let her know about the GMS he had this morning....maybe she will add something at night....or just increase his depakote.

Thanks for your reply!!!