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We took Tripp to the University Of Mississippi Medical Center on Tuesday for a continuous video EEG monitoring to diagnose where his seizures were originating and the seizure type. He was taken off his seizure meds for the morning and afternoon doses of Tuesday. They wanted him to have a seizure. He did not disappoint them. HA! The first ones happened about 4 hours after the "hookup" He looked so funny with all those wires attached to his head! Then at 11:15pm on Tuesday he had a BIG one....they wanted this to happen! He slept good that night but NOT I. The doctor came around Wed and was very pleased (well not a good word but what he wanted)with what he saw on the EEG. He said that Tripp's seizures were ALL generalized meaning the whole brain was responsible for the seizures. He talked about changing his meds....going off the Lyrica and trying Zonegran along with the Depokote he is already on. He will speak with our neurologist about what is the best way to reduce the Lyrica and how to add the Zonegran. He said that there are two news meds for seizures coming out next year that may help Tripp....said they both looked promising. He told us to "consider" brain surgery. He said we could see a 50% reduction in the seizures but not 100%. We told him we wanted to try the meds first as we have not tried any combinations with Depokate. He agreed that it might be to his addvange to at least try.....for us surgery would the the very last option.

He said we could leave the hospital around 2 pm Wed.....BUT.....Tripp started to have more grandmals (the big ones)....so the nurses called the doctor and he said to keep Tripp another day. Bill(his daddy) spent the night Wed. and I went to our daughter's house to sleep. I really needed the sleep after being up all night Tuesday. I was back at the hospital early Thursday morning and Bill said Tripp did not have any more seizures that night and they both had good nights sleep.

We were discharged Thursday around noon. Tripp requested Red Lobster for lunch. He loves eating there and he ate great....that hospital food is awful! HA!