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The problem with the donation of blood by people taking anti seizure medication is that the drug levels in your system can have significant health ramifications to the recipient of your blood.

Toxic reactions can occur and cause irrepairable damage to vital organs, even cause death in some recipients.>>

Perhaps they want you to be seizure-free for six months is because they're concerned that maybe you'll have a seizure while you're donating blood and they just don't want to deal with it or something?

I don't think receipients can really have a toxic reaction to our meds. However, when I was on the phone with forEVA with the Red Cross, constantly being put on hold... "How many mgs of Keppra are you taking?" she would ask...then, "And how much Zonegran do you take daily?" then I would be put back on hold.

Finally she gave me the answer, No. They want me to be seizure-free for six months before I donate blood. I got the feeling it was more to cover their own hiney's if I were to seize while donating.

So who knows? I don't think our anti-seizure meds would actually cause death in recipients, though. That's a bit extreme. My husband asked my epileptologist point blank at our very first meeting what would happen if a person who didn't have a 'seizure disorder' were to take these meds and he said, with the exception of a few of them, absolutely nothing. The "average person" would not feel the affects.

Which is a bummer, cuz when my DH would make me mad I'd threaten him with a Topamax sandwich in his lunchbag! ha ha! Now he knows my meds won't hurt him.

dangit. ;)