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The grandma ones were coming ever day for Tripp sometimes as many as 6.The Zonegran has stopped those but now he is having the CPS and they are everyday.
Sssssh, don't want to jinx myself so i'm whispering...i haven't had a complex partial in 23 days. that's a record for me. i usually average 8-10 seizures a month. maybe this keppra/zonegran combo is working! :)
How much of Z and Keppra are you taking?
Tripp is on Zonegran 400mg daily taking it as 200mg am and 200mg pm. He is also on Depakote 750mg three times a day.....we just added 30mg on pheno at night. His CPS are NOT under control.

I do so pray that the added pheno at night helps!!!!!!
betty...poor Tripp. (and poor you!)

I take 3,000 Keppra (1,500 mgs 2x a day) and 300 mgs Zonegran. I take the Zonegran all at once, at bedtime. If this combo doesn't work, my epi. guy suggested adding on phenobarb, as well! (I took pheno at 5 mos. old until I was about 2. Then no drugs at all until 42 yrs. old.)

I sure hope the pheno. helps Tripp, too!