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Hi! I am sorry to hear that you have this problem - I have had the same exact problem. I got Epstein Barr (EBV) 7 years ago. My husband got it at the same time - his lasted a few weeks and mine lasted a long time. However, the good news is, you will probably start to feel better as time goes on. Now I am pretty much normal most of the time and have flare-ups (times when I feel bad) once in a while. I don't know why this virus is so rough on some of us and not others. I think some families just have a harder time fighting it off. Let me tell you some things that have helped me: First of all, try hard to think of this as temporary and that you will be starting to feel better. Most people with chronic mono get better over a five year period of time and then you are almost back to normal. Here are some things that are very important: No fast food, no soda, no red meat. Are you by any chance allergic to penicillin? I am and think the antibiotics in the meat trigger my epstein-Barr flare-ups. If you or your parents can buy some probiotics (acidophilus tablets or powder) these enhance your good bacteria and help your immune system fight off the bad stuff. It will really help you. Also grape seed extract is very helpful. If you will eat lots of fruit like oranges, tangerines, red grapefruit, and tomotoes and leave a lot of the white stuff on the fruit, it is packed with bioflavenoids (see Woman's World this week) and is really good for your immune system. Your doctor could also prescribe a suppressive dose of Zovirax that would help suppress the virus. Try not to take anything that stimulates your nervous system like caffeine or diet pills or anything that will set your nervous system off as these viruses are triggered by stress and anything that gets your nerves going. You have to try to get out of your depressive cycle because I think this keeps it going too. Go for a slow, casual walk on a beautiful day and notice everything beautiful you see - the sky, the clouds, flowers, children, dogs, cats, birds, try to find the beauty in everything. You will feel better, this is not forever! Please try the things I have mentioned because I know how difficult this is firsthand and have spent many years trying to figure out how to feel better, and with you being so young, I really want you to be well!! Also, I pray and have a lot of faith in God. He takes care of his children and wants to help those who ask him. It may not be immediate, but wait on the Lord and he will help you. Take care of yourself,
Love and prayers, Lesley