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First outbreak is the worst, however, I've always used the meds. Which I would recommend. Otherwise, you are adding alot of misery and pain in your life which you don't need to endure. I've had it for 18 years and at the first "tingling" sensation, I start taking the pills. It lessons the timeframe, the pain, etc.
Regarding the prescription mediciations... Valtrex is extremely expensive and I don't use it anymore. I started taking the older version of it, which is generic and alot cheaper...it's called Acyclovir, plus I used the Zovirax oinment.
I've been looking into the latest natural cures...and have been coming across alot of material saying that olive leaf extract is good for herpes and other ailments. Based on what I've read, I'm going to give it a try. I'm
going to post a thread asking if anyone has tried it yet and the results.
If you're new to this...I would really recommend that you take the precriptions until you get a handle on this. You may have your convictions on not taking medications, however, herpes can be painful and long if you're going to go through the outbreaks without medication...at least thats my opinion. For me, when I start the prescription at the first sign, it's simply a minor annoyance that quickly goes away. Good luck...