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I have had a small outbreak on my upper lip, in the same spot, for the past couple years. I feel like it is always there, sometimes it is flat but still red and then it will flare up again. It flares up every couple months. It never gets real big but I feel like it never completely goes away. It drives me crazy!

I was at the dentist last week and she said she could give me Famvir for it. She also wrote a prescription for Zovirax. I have been taking the Famvir for a few days. I couldn't find much info on Famvir other than regular clinical/medical jargon on the internet. I'm hoping that it will work and that the outbreaks will cease, or at least be much less frequent. I haven't used the Zovirax since the outbreak now is all dried up.

Has anyone used Famvir? Have you had success with it? How did it work for you?

Any help/info is appreciated. Thank you so much.