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Quote from kuno:
I am using a patch, which I have been able to quit with before. Tomorrow will be day 1 of trying again. I guess I am just a glutton from punishment, but I have emphysema at 29. I am tired of my life being about problems and I want to see my kid grow up. It is simple really, stop now or die. I have a third addiction, but I am never giving up my Dr. Pepper. At least I got that. :)

I am so sorry to hear that you have emphysema. I have an Aunt who has suffered with it for years; yet hasn't been able to give up smoking. I really commend you on your efforts and I am so sorry if I sounded as if I was encouraging you to smoke ... You are so right; tomorrow is another day and you sound so strong and I'm sure your conviction will be a great asset in your efforts. I smoked prior to my pregnancy with my son (17 years ago), I now take Wellbutrin for mild depression and I know that it is the same formula as Zyban which is used to assist when quiting smoking. (You probably already know this, so I hope I am not over-stepping), but just from experience; I can't even stand to be around cigarette smoke and I think a lot of it has to with the Wellbutrin ... just a thought. Again, you are in my thoughts; please keep us posted on how you are doing. I am the same with the Dr. Pepper (mine is Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet coke .. couldn't give them up for anything, I have to alternate with bottled water just to ensure I am drinking enough water everyday!)
I am so addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper it's not even funny. In fact, I have two 12 oz cans in my fridge now and I'm freaking out because I'm running so low. I'm going out of town and I'm actually bringing a 12 pack with me to have in my hotel - just in case... It's sad but I haven't had a lortab in about 4 months... not too bad, but I'm on Suboxone for lortabs.

Kuno - I chewed the gum when I was preg to quit and it worked GREAT. When I would finish a piece, and then think about smoking a cig, the thought made me want to vomit because I got so much nic in the gum. I liked the gum better so I could control the amount of nicotine I got when I wanted it. Also, Zyban (Wellbutrin) really does work. I've had about 5 friends take it and they had no problems quitting. Only one of them gained weight when they stopped taking it and still wasn't smoking.

Anyway, good luck but if you slip up on the cigs once in a while, it's better than you taking pills. I would definitely go talk to a doc about zyban... It really, really works. Between that and the patch, I bet you will not have a problem. I'm proud of you for tackling this issues at your age... You are very bright!
Heh, bright enough to do it now, but not bright enough to never had started in the first place. ;)

I will look into the Zyban. Never hurts to add something else to the arsenal. I have patches and gum (not using them together of course) so if one does not seem to be working I can switch to another. I am wondering if one is better for first stopping and then another for a couple weeks from now.