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Consider using some St Johns Wart. It is available in the health food store and is used for the treatment of depression. It may (or many not) share properties in common with zyban. Zyban is an antidepressant used to help smokers.
I wholeheartedly agree with flyggirrl! If you add up, say even $4.00 a day spent on cigarettes, the weekly total would amount to $28 and the gum and or patches is around $50 dollars(2 week supply) which is even cheaper than smoking a pack a day! I have heard a lot of people say that nicotine replacement products are expensive but dahh, do your math and you'll be saving your money and your health!!! Unless you smoke less than a half a pack but still. Even though I told this to my friends they still continue to smoke which leads me to believe it is nothing but an excuse. Not saying you, because I don't know your whole situation. Anyways,I quit from using the patch which got me off the physical addiction and weaned myself off the nicotine from reverting to lower doses. Example: You start with 21mg then 14mg, then 7mg, so your not a basketcase doing it cold turkey. I used to wait tables and everyone smoked which was really hard at the time. After NRT, I temporarily went on Wellbutrin SR for about 6 months which is the same as zyban and I am completely free of smoking. My mother has been chewing the gum(Nicorette) for 10 years now but has also smoked for 25 years and she's 52 years old. So, from time to time she'll give me some of her nicotine gum just because I get the cravings, and believe it or not, I like the gum but I guess when she's around I know it is there, so I ask for it. But I will not smoke, you have to learn to hate it. Now more than ever, people look down on you for smoking as if you were dirty or something. The early 90's and 80's was a different story. Hopefully this helps!! I wish you the best of luck cause smoking is nasty. :wave: