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Pez--You sound like you need a reply so I thought I'd say hey! Anyways, it's great that you quit and want to be substance free. I just quit smokin' after chronic use but no panic attacks. Although I am on Zyban cause I wanted to quit cigs but still smoking those. Maybe that is taking the edge off, but I don't know. After quitting I started exercising cause I actually had motivation and that helps alot (never thought I'd say that as a former couch potato)!!

Do you have a regular doc that you see instead of the ER guys? Not that their bad, but you may want to talk to someone who specializes more in panic disorders, etc cause maybe something like an antidepressant (they are also used for panic disorder so don't freak out) would be better than getting hooked on benzos. Try not to refill and go from one substance to another cause those things can be very addicting as you already know. Another thought is that maybe you are overwhelmed by all the changes, etc. and keep thinking about the anxiety over and over. I do that once in a while and it sucks :D

Well, now I'm just rambling cause I'm tired but I think I'm now addicted to these messageboards. Uh-oh. :rolleyes: Hang in there!! Later :wave: