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In order for me to get a prescription, I have to see my doctor first, I have an appointment at noon tomorrow. I asked about stop smoking samples, they have nothing but maybe they have samples of wellbutrin which works the same as zyban if my body can't tolerate the Chantix. I am also going to ask for rozeram (sp?) the new sleep aid, in case the Chantix won't allow me to sleep. I am going to my regular doctor (PCP in my HMO). I will ask for coupons.

Chef keep us updated this weekend on the Chantix side effects and how well it is working on you. If the pills are a 30 day supply and it gradually increases what happens if you cannot tolerate the dosage, can you cut these pills in half? Glad to have you back Chef.

I want to quit mentally but my body is going to give me a fight, I just know it. That is why the Chantix sounds like a good thing.

Will update you after I get back.
Sadmum do they have any medications to help take the edge off in England? Wellbutrin and Zyban aren't as good but it could help you through the rough spots. I had two drags again yesterday, like I did the previous two days before that. I don't know why I am doing this. I consider myself in the quit mode though.

Flintrock, did your insurance cover the script or did you get a sample? Keep us posted I am very interested in your day to day with it.

Kim and Flintrock I am curious if you noticed any other side effects not listed.

Kim you aren't weak, it is an addiction. The Chantix helps 80%, 20% is us. But the 20% is made easier because of the Chantix. Keep us posted daily we can share our experiences and it will help you know what to expect. When you up the dosage on day 8 it makes a big difference.