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I had wondered the same thing. I have been klonopin for anxiety/panic disorder for the last 2 years now, and I never got hooked on them. I usually only refilled a bottle of 60 .5 mgs every 6 months or so. Sometimes I didn't even get to the refill until the prescription had expired.

I am in the process of tapering off tramadol. I have like, 4 refills so I decided to take the slow and steady taper road. The recommended dosages used to control the pain (enough, I guess, though it never made me feel 100, or even 90%) for a while. After about 3 months it's doing nothing. I actually switched from hydros to trams because I was building a killer hydro tolerance and wanted to lay off them for a while. I have chronic back pain, sciatica, and pain in whatever that nerve is that runs from your groin/hip area down the inside of the thigh due to a bulging L4-5 disk, and I fear eventually nothing will work. I seem to build a tolerance for all medications really quickly. Anyway, I have been on a very long, slow taper, and I'm getting to the point where I am actually forgetting to take my next dose. After about 16 hours I start getting those really annoying "Brain Zaps" along with that unreal feeling that reminded me of stopping Prozac cold turkey. (An unsuccessful attempt to treat panic disorder.) I wonder if the benzos would help with that. It seems like they would, because I have talked to people who have quit benzos, alcohol, and SSRI's. My hubby got them when taking Zyban to quit smoking.

I completely believe you about how you feel differently about Benzos. It always perplexed me that people could lose control with them. I never found them to give me the buzz that other things did. So, while a have abused certain prescription drugs, I know that I would not get addicted to benzos. They make me worthless and lethargic. I'd rather be pain-free and energetic.