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well, I'm back into the grog and really do have a problem with number 2's (crapping). I have found that after about 2 days of non drink my stools are quite hard however whilst drinking and the next day, its quite sloppy and frequent. This I find very distressing as I yearn for a nice and clean ****. I really dont know why I keep falling in this trap. But I guess thats my only problem w/ drink(beer). With spirits(and mixing) I lose total control and start 'accidently' destroying whatever is around me therefore try to lay off the spirits(but really do love it).
I was part of this forum bout a year ago when I had problems with my wife(jealousy) and drink(paranoia)and Zyban(antidepressant?). I had concluded that mixing drink with Zyban resulted in above forementioned in brackets. I'm back smoking but only during work hrs and do not find it a problem> I do not smoke at home and do not crave 4 it at home.
My life is great but I need to control my drink and find a diet plan that suits me.