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Good Morning Everyone,

I didn't want to post a long response last night, tried to make it seem like I had something to do (smile). M, thank you for sharing your story. I'm kind of hooked to these boards if you can tell. I was going to tell the beginning of my story to everyone but it's going to take a minute. This has been a 10 year odyssey and I didn't even know it until now. Sit back, relax and enjoy...it's all true.

I can remember as far back as nine years ago not feeling right. It wasn't anything I could put my finger on other than I was very hyper. I would go days w/o any sleep, which got on my nerves. I would take care of the kids all day and sew all night because I couldn't sleep. After two or three weeks of this I would crash, get some much needed sleep and go back to it. I would go to the doctor and tell them I didn't feel right. They would check my blood and tell me my blood was fine and my thyroid was fine and would send me home. The only thing I knew was wrong was that I had very bad feet. I had so much energy, the only thing I didn't do was scrub the floors with a toothbrush. Everything my kids and I wore was homemade and I made a nice taste of money sewing for other people. Couldn't sleep.

Got really bored and went back to school. That was crazy, three young kids, majored in biology, 16 units, etc. Bending over looking through the microscopes was a problem, my back would get tired, not hurt. Still couldn't sleep! Still going to the doctors and being told my blood was fine, my thyroid was fine and these were different doctors. Had to have allergy injections but this wasn't quite it either. Everytime I would drive I would always squirm in the seat, no one thought of this until a few months ago. Cutting outfits would make my back tired, so we got a higher cutting table. Taking things out of the oven made my back tired, but I figured I had just overdone it because I'm so hyper. Can you follow what I'm saying. No pain, just tired, and for a hyper person it can be explained away. I was so antsy once I baked more than 50 dozen cookes from scratch and then gave them away, my back only felt tired.

Fast forward to July, 2002...I crashed. Live in a new city, new doctor. She detected an irregular heartbeat, 140 bpm, and I didn't know it, didn't feel it. I had already decided to see a psychologist because someone was going to find what was wrong with me and I didn't want to be told that I was a hypochondriac. The MD put me on disability for two months and then I started to see a therapist. First visit, bi-polar manic depressive! Well, I've always known I was a fool but never did I think I was crazy...so off to the psychiatrist for the drugs. Depakote first and it wasn't calming down enough so he added Lithium, that did the trick, I take them both. There was still one little problem, I still have trouble sleeping so Zyprexa was added. MD tried to say I have fibromyalgia, it's written in my chart, but she hasn't told me yet. She tried to say I was ready to go back to work and Courtney went there and my disability was extended again. I still wasn't right and could not put my finger on it and the MD said I was fine.

What does this have to do with my back? I was complaining to my shrinky-dink and she suggested seeing an ortho, which I did because my feet were hurting and the podiatrist said there was nothing he could do. The ortho told me the pain in my right butt check was actually my back. In the meantime, the Lithium was doing it's job. It was slowing my mind down and correcting the chemicals in my brain, then all of a sudden, "BOOM." Boy did I start hurting! I have never hurt like this because I never really felt anything. That's the reason for the nerve damage, not being offered conservative measures, nothing. The doc said I have no choice. There's a good side to everything...at least I know I'm not a hypochondriac and the damage could have been worse. The neuro said this could have started when I was in my 20s but we'll never know. I'm much calmer now but I keep threatening to stop taking the Lithium saying that before Lithium I didn't feel s**t! Everyone knows I'm kidding. Gotta have something to talk about.

My daughter wanted to thank you all for the congrats. Kristen, you're right, she is a go-getter. I call her a chihuahua, because she's wittle and once she grabs on to something she doesn't let go. Ever notice a chihuahua and a houseshoe? While I'm in the hospital she's going to post for me. Don't know if she'll use her first or middle name - Fhe'Lycia Mychelle. She's grateful for the boards because she knows how I fly can fly around looking for something to do. I'm okay. Also, the berries cracked me up. I thought things like that only happened to me. Did you rinse the berries and eat them anyway (smile). We have a 10 second rule around here. On the floor 10 seconds or less it's still good. I'm sure you floor doesn't have as many accidents as mine and your timeframe can be extended to 10 minutes. Also, I'm taking the new med. The lithium causes diarrhea and it's a pain. The Narvocet causes constipation. Do you think the two side effects will equal a normal movement? Seriously, when you consider my other option of straight pain, the Nervocet is doing a good job.

Carol, hope OT went fine for you and that you're not too tired. Getting well can wear you out! Thanx for telling us what OT means.

I'm going to lay down and pretend to take a nap.

Will check back in later this evening. Don't overdo Kristen when you go out for your walk.


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