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my 5 year old daughter started itching a few weeks ago. she had some dranage also before that we gave her zyrtec for it. then she got worse so we took her to the doc ,he check her and sent her home. she kept getting worse so we took her back. they finally checked her out better and found that she had early stage pneumonia . she was put on meds and breathing treatments. also got an appointment with a dermatologist. he looked at her and gave some cream yesterday. today she has little raised bumps on her back and neck with a few places that is scabed. she is itching on her head and behind her ears alot. also we looked at a few places where she was itching and seen light brown or yellow places. looked a little like moes. had 2 above right ear about 1/2 inch apart. one on the other side of her head and a yellow place in the back of her head. she is itching on her neck and back also. i have some pics of this also. her pneumonia is doing better but the itch is not. i will call the doc back tomorrow but just figured i would see if any one else might have any ideal.
the dermatologist said it could be Eczema but i dont know. thanks