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Sorry for the humor. My 7 yr old daughter has had a runny nose for about a year. A short battery of allergy tests revealed no allergies. We were sent to an ENT who thought it would be cruel to do further allergy testing. After considerable pressure from me, he wrote an Rx for Zyrtec which has helped very little. The attitude of these doctors seems to be to just let the kid put up with the runny nose even though it is embarassing and interferes with school. She also has trouble during reading time in the evening because she has to stop and blow so much or she runs out of breath because it is hard to read out loud and breath through your mouth at the same time. I don't know if doctors are resistant to treat because the treatment options are not very successful or if they just think kids should toughen up and deal with it.

I'll probably call the ENT tomorrow and see if we can increase the Zyrtec dosage. Is there anything that I might be missing here? What would you do next?