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It has worked very well for my daughter combined with Zyrtec after having her tonsils and adenoids removed. Since birth she had a lot of problems with bronchitis and asthma. In her case, she is allergic to pollen and this will cause an asthma attack. She had her tonsils and adenoids were removed to help with problem ( she had 3 bouts tonsilitis within 6 months along with ear infections and tonsils were constantly swollen. ). In a about a month I will have to call her ENT dr. and have her put back on these meds until next winter. I hope it works for your son.
My 4 year old has been on a Singulair Zyrtec combination since she was 2. We use it year round. What you describe sounds more like cough varient asthma. These kids don't present with the typical wheezing but have sometimes violent bouts of coughing. We also do Pulmicort neb treatments nightly.

She has not had any side effects that I have noticed. It works great for us and has cut down on the number of attacks she has had. We still do neb treatments as the spacers have never worked for her. It is too hard for her to figure out how to breathe with them. The neb treatments work very well in keeping it under control. We also use Xopenex instead of Albuterol as it doesnt have the same awful side effects. Good luck to you and I HTH