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My neice who is five years old has had various health problems since she was born. She is allergic to many things like hand lotions and soaps and other things. She is also asthmatic.
Lately, she has been turning colors like grey and white. They've taken her to the ER a couple times and all I know so far is that a doctor gave her adult Zyrtec for allergies. When her mom asked if it was allergies that was causing my neice to turn colors the doctor said he didn't know and we'd have to see.
My problem with it is this. I'm only 19 and I may not know as much as a doctor would, but I have my own theory. The girl is 5. Not 20, 30, 50, etc. She's a 5 year old kid. What's a doctor in his right mind doing giving a five year old medicine for an adult when he's not even sure it's what she needs.
All I know is if something happens to this little girl because of something this doctor did, I'm gonna hunt me down a doctor and I'm sure my whole family will as well.
I'm thinking maybe her color change is lack of oxygen because she's had problems with people at her mom's house smoking and stuff a lot around her and that's part of the reason she is asthmatic I think.
However, I don't know much about any of this and I really don't think the doctor does either. Does anyone have any suggestions? There isn't really a lot I can do, but I could suggest things to her dad and he could have some say. Have you ever had an adult medication given to your child? What do you think of what the doctor said? Anything. I need anything. I need to know if I'm just going a little overboard here or what. I think the guy is a quack giving a five year old zyrtec. Someone please respond to this. Thank you.
Actually, my 4 year old has been on Zyrtec since she was 2. She is also on Singulair for her asthma.

I would want the Dr to do more testing but ER Dr's only take care of immediate problems. She needs to see her Pediatrician and get referrals for testing. Children can turn different colors when they have a hard time breathing so I would take that seriously.

My own experience with Zyrtec is that it has been a wonderful help to my daughter. Good luck
I also have a child who has been on zyrtec for quite some time. I don't believe the zyrtec will hurt her at all (it has been helpful for us)but I do agree that the problem needs to be looked into further. I with Mommyof4 about going to a pediatrician who may then point you in the diretion of a specialist maybe a pulmonoligist, allergist, or ENT depending on what the pediatricians findings are. There need to be more tests.....
My 4-yr old is on Zyrtec and Singulair for allergies and it has been a godsend for us!

I also agree that you all need to dig deeper into what's going on with your niece.

Good Luck!
I agree with everyone else also about zyrtec my 9 and 5 yr old take it and it has been a godsend for them also. My 5 yr old also has asthma and takes albuterol. If your neice has asthma and other allergies the cigarette smoke could easily be at least part of the reason she is turning color she may be allergic to the cigarette smoke.