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I wasnt quite sure if this is the place to post this. It was hard finding the right place. I have read a lot about older kids and adults having "trichotillomania", but not so much about a child of my daughters age, 5. For about a month, she has been pulling her eyelashes out. I first noticed it right after she had a cold. One day I woke her up in the morning and was stunned to see almost all of the lower lashes gone. I began seeing her sitting in the bathroom, right up to the mirror, studying her eyelashes, and pulling them out. I try to talk to her about it, she just says they are itchy, thats why she does it. I took her to the pediatrician, who prescribed her allergy eyedrops with an antihistamine that didnt work. I took her to my family dr who prescribed her zyrtec, that did not work. So I then took her to a pediatric opthamologist who found nothing wrong with her eyes. I just had my first consultation with a phycologist and have set up three sessions of interviews/tests for my daughter. I try to talk nice to her, ask why she does it, tell her she is pretty, etc. But I have to be honest, My husband yells at her, tells her that her f-ing eyeballs will fall out of her head and that she will look "retarted". He gets so angry about it. He thinks that is the right approach. Its to the point that my daughter hides from him, she is afraid he might notice she pulled more eyelashes. She told me she wanted a new daddy. I worry she is stressed at her preschool. She attends one at an elementary school, and I had her speach tested and she qualified as having a preschool disablitly of not so much her speach but the way she thinks and tries to put the thoughts into words. I know they are working on getting ready for kindergarten. Maybe its too much for her. I cant get any answers from her. I even noticed that a barbie doll she had that has real eyelashes was missing some eyelashes. She said she likes to pull those too. When she was younger, she has always been funny about coloring eyes. They would always be red. She has had a few nightmares lately about death. I dont know what to do. I am going on good friday to take her for her first testing session. Does anyone have any advice they can offer? Input or knowledge in this area? what questions should I ask her? Is it related to add? Am I even doing the right thing? My husband thinks it will go away on its own, and I am making too big of a deal about it, that she isnt crazy. Im so torn. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!