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For the last 6-8 months (I don't know excactly when it started), my three year old starts sniffling & sneezing between 2 & 6am. His Doc said I have taken all the right steps to control allergies in that room (cleaning constantly w/out chemicals, taken all stuffed animals, air sealed mattress cover, no pets, windows closed, fragrence free detergent, etc., etc.) to no avail. When we stayed at my Moms for a couple nights (without his normal bedding) it still happened. His Pediatrition gave him a prescription for Zyrtec for a couple weeks (if he responds, it's an allergy & I need to find out what it's to, if not, it's a sensitivity to something else). The Zyrtec isn't working. It just doesn't make since, he doesn't sneeze any other time of the day including when he takes his nap (2-3 hrs) in the SAME bed & SAME room. The only thing that brings relief to the episode each night is changing his sheets. Sometimes he goes back to sleep & no more problem for the rest of the night, sometimes in a couple of hours he starts again. We thought maybe it was a sebsitivity to his urine (he still wets at night). But found out he still seems to sniffle & sneeze even when his pants are dry. Every now and again we will go through a night or two where it doesn't happen, but I can find no pattern to why. Please help. My son and I cannot funtion on so little broken sleep!
I thank you all for you input. I did try the Zyrtec for 1 month, and instead of sneezing at night for the first 3 weeks, he sneezed when he woke up the the morning, ( which gave me some sleep) but in the last week, he just returned to sneezing in bed. I am not one to administer meds if they are not helping, so I took him off of the stuff. As for all the ideas above, trust me, I have tried EVERYTHING. I have had 8 months to experiment. I have come to the conclusyion than it is infact NOT an allergy since allergy meds didn't work...like the Doc. said, but instead a sensitivity to certain smells (I found this out after a sneezing attack from a perfume magazine sample and have since experimented). I know that sensitivities to odors can indeed up the chances of developing athsma & allergies, so I have been very careful. The only thing I cannot understand is the sneezing at night. The room has been stripped (yes, no carpet, drapes, etc.) Vinigar water cleanned only, and all bedding is washed & dried perfume free. He does not wear clothing to bed, and all mattresses are sealed. Our family does not wear cologne. I have also worked with a food allergy possibility. You all had wonderful ideas & comments, I guess it's just something I must work on slowly & maybe I will find the culprit. Thanx.