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Ok I posted about a week ago with a rash my son had. Well it has been cleared up his sore throat is gone, but now his hands itch like crazy along with his feet. I mean every part of them. He can not sleep. He was given zyrtec and he has been on it before to help him breathe better at night I just never went to get in refilled becuase he was doing better. But every night he has been waking up a few times a night crying becuase he itches so bad. I have tried all topical meds all over the counter and antihistamines. now of course all he can take is the zyrtec. I have called the DRS back he has been there 3 times and they say it is in his mind. Also his hands swell along with his feet and ankles. but they never turn red until he itches like crazy.

Any ideas?