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No your not over reacting, I'm in the same place with my girls. My youngest is the worst though. We have tested for everything possible and the only thing we came up with was when they did her genetic testing for CF they found her negative for CF but positive for a polymorphism called M470V, actually she had two of them. One she inherited from me the other from her dad. According to our asthma doctor who happened to be a CF specialist, the polymorphism M470V is only recently being studied by doctors but it is not believed to be a form of CF.

People with this M470V seem to have more sinus infections, pneumonias, ear infections than the average person. My youngest daughter happens to have two of them so maybe that's why hers is much worse than her older sister.

The only way I know of to find out about M470V is genetic testing. It was done at the same time with the same blood sample as the CF testing we had done at Ambry Genetics. They simply drew blood and shipped it out to California. Within 3 weeks we had back the results. By the way, according to our doctor the sweat test can miss about 2% of CF patients so she recommended we do the genetic testing after we got the okay results of the sweat test.

Both my girls have asthma and this the congestions is their biggest trigger for an attack.

I can't remember but my daughter is 2 1/2 and we are on our 3rd or 4th set of tubes I can't keep up now. She is on Sudofed three times a day and it helps ALOT. Heaven forbid I run out of sudofed, I really think i should buy stock in the company. Zyrtec, Singular + other asthma meds every day.

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask me anything else. I don't mind sharing. I drove my doctors nuts, in fact sometimes I still do but I get results and my daughter is better. That's all that matters