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Have the doctors said that there is a possibility of her having asthma and allergies. From the time my daughter was 10 weeks old she had respiratory problems. She had bronchitis almost once a month until the age of 2 and pneumonia twice. My daughter has seasonal allergies which would cause a sinus infection and lead to ear infections,bronchitis and the 2 times we were not quick enough, pneumonia and this was over night. My daughter has had her adenoids and tonsils removed. The adenoids being removed has been the biggest help with the sinuses and the tonsilectomy has helped with the tonsilitis ( she had this 3 times in less than 6 months ). The only help I an give you is keep your daughter AWAY from smokers and to try to find the culprit which can be an allergen, pollination, ragweed, cats, dogs, any number of things. My daughter, who is 3, is on Singulair and Zyrtec together and this has been a life saver.
I agree with the other posters that likely reasons for your daughter's infections may be allergies and/or asthma, combined with the fact that she had RSV as an infant. I've read that RSV can lead to chronic respirtatory infections. My son never had RSV, but he does have allergies and asthma, and when he was younger (he's 11 now), it seemed as though he was always congested or had a cough or stuffy nose. He takes zyrtec every day and it has helped tremendously. But, if he does get an infection of any kind and it's not caught right away, it tends to turn into pneumonia or flare up his asthma. It can be a chronic problem that needs to be continuously monitored--sounds like you are on top of it.