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Hi I have a 3yr old son, he always gets a horrible sounding cough - seal/bark - which I would first of all say: Croup. (something my older son got constantly!!!) anyway--- My son doesn't cough alot, it is when he does it's awful. Of course alarms everyone at daycare - although he has no fever, no runny-snotty nose-not cranky-eating very well. Is this still croup. I really wasn't planning on taking him to doctor?? Anyone ever experience this or sound familiar with anyone else.?? He does have alot of allergies (environmental as well as food) and is on zyrtec everyday. (maybe that is why he's not congested??)

Zyrtec is an antihistamine and is not a decongestant so if he isn't congested it certainly isn't from the Zyrtec. Since the cough is quite alarming I would definately have him checked by the doc to be sure it isn't something serious. You may want to try a vaporizer at his bedside with just a couple of drops of tea tree oil in it at night.