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my neice morghan is 3 1/2 years old. and she has eczmema SEVERELY! her older sister madisyn (5) had it too when she was first born but it went away b4 she was 1. morghy however didn't develop eczema til she was about 18 months old. and she has it so bad that she scrathes the skin off of her little fingers, toes, wrists, knees,belly, etc. we have done absolutly everything to help her, seen specialists left and right, got tests, but nothing seems to work. she is on zyrtec and singulair right now, and it is helping a little bit, but she still wakes up in the middle of the night itchingand screaming. we have tried ellidel, and she gets infantigo everytime we put her on it. does anybody have any tips to help her scratching?we already had allergy tests done and elliminated all that she is allergic to, but she still itches! it is tearing me apart not being able to help her. (i live with her and help care for her)and she is getting scarred from it. any ideas please? thanks!
My little sister (5 yrs. old) has severe eczema, it sounds a lot like your neice. She also has asthma. She is on singulair, flovent, zyrtec, and prednizone. One of her doctors said that sunlight/ UV rays helps the itching. So, once or twice a week, she goes to a tannng bed and keeps a crop top and biker shorts on, and stays in for 5-7 minutes. Afterward, she applies aveeno lotion. Her eczema has cleared up a lot, and she hardly ever wakes up itching anymore, and no more bleeding.
With my 3 year old, she has had eczema patches in the past and will break out and she has also had respiratory problems especially bronchitis. We found out that Adrie has severe allergies especially seasonal and she is currently on Singular and Zyrtec for the allergies. When the eczema shows up, her dr as prescribed hydrocortisone valerate cream which we use until the patches go away and then we use cocoa butter lotion on her, Palmers has been really good. Unfortunately there is no cure for eczema, but a good dermatologist will be able to help her mother to help her when these outbreaks happen. From what was explained to us by Adrie's dr., the use of the hydrocortisone valerate cream will thin the skin on the infected area to the point it sloughs off and brings out new skin. I don't like using steroids especially oral ones for too long because of the risks, in fact prednisone should never be used more than a week at a time, but we never use this cream for longer than a week anyway. As I probably mentioned before, my daughter's is not severe, but any adult hates to see a child suffering. I hope you and her mother find something to work on your niece.
We found out our 4 yr old had eczema at around 7-8 months old. Westcort did work well for her when she was younger. I also wash everything in Dreft (even mine and my husbands clothes, all bedding, bath towels, etc.) She is with a great Dermatologist now. She is on Zyrtec every morning and Atarax once at bedtime...she sleeps through the night almost every night now which is saying alot! She's had a blood allergy test (evertything was negative) but not a skin test yet. She goes to an Allergist next week to schedule for that. My daughter also sleeps in white satin gloves so she can't scratch her skin open. So far she only has 2 very small scars on her side. We also don't use soap on her of course. We use Aquanil cleanser you buy at most stores.
My advice is to go straight to a Dermatologist and/or Allergist. Go ahead and try to get the allergy tests done to rule that out. My husband is military and they have been kind of a pain, and I wish I would've done the testing sooner. Every case seems to be different and what works for some may not work for others. Oatmeal baths did nothing for us, but it brings relief to others. I think it's all about having a good Dr. and alot of patience! Good luck.