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My son was constantly sick from about 6 months till we figured out he had allergies and asthma. He either had strep/ear infection/croup or bronchitis/RSV.... with numerous trips to ER... until he started reacting badly to certain foods we had to take him to an allergiest and after testing they figured this all out and he finally pulled threw all of this. He is on meds to prevent allergies (Zyrtec is actually all he takes now) and now him being almost 6yrs - he doesn't even need any meds for his asthma unless he starts getting a cold - (((knocking on wood here))) he hasn't been on meds for months. If he starts any little cough we hook him up to his nebulizer and get him going and 2 weeks after meds for 4/5 times a day is all it takes and he is fine. So maybe there is a little more going on??? ~~Just a suggestion... Good luck