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my son is 14 months and has been suffering from allergies since about 5 months. his is his nose and allergy induced ezcema. at 10 months they tested him for food allergies, all came back negative. the dr. said it was most likely outdoor allergies, but said at 10 months tests would likely come back as a false negative and suggested we wait until he was at least 1. he was started on zyrtec and then 3 weeks later, they added singular. it seems to help. but we are going next week for allergy testing. Not that i can remove everything that he is allergic to, but for example if he is allergic to carpet, then i'll remove that. try to do away with the things i can control.
so yes, a one year old can have allergies. and since it all began when you moved, i would say it is possible that there may be a connection, it could be something in the house itself or even a different grass or tree outside.
if it continues, then i would probably take him to an allergist. see what they say. and they may even test him this early. (they are testing my 14 month old) different drs. do different things.
good luck and take care.