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My 3 1/2 year old son gets these bites, spots, rash, whatever you want to call it on him. It seems to "flare up" once a month or so. It's so bad he's completely covered from head to toe (literally!) in what appears to be chicken pox or bug bites. They don't come to a head, don't have any pus in them, aren't contagious, and itch like the dickens. I don't think it's bug bites because I also have a 1 1/2 year old that sleeps with my older son and follows him around incessantly and he doesn't have any on him (we do live in the country). I haven't changed anything that I've been using or anything he's been around to assume allergies. He's been put on antibiotics every time it flares up because he scratches (the worst is when he's sleeping and scratches then...because we aren't there to stop him) and they end up bleeding and scabbing over. He's been put on Zyrtec liquid, a prescription form of Benadryl (I forget the name of it, just know it's an antihistamine). We still can't figure out what's wrong. We have insurance but it doesn't cover specialists, so we can't afford to take him to a dermatologist but will if we need to. So I'm hoping to be prepared in case he needs to see an allergist instead or someone else. He doesn't have any other health problems, if that helps. Poor thing has so many scars all over his body that his pigmentation is now discolored and splotchy white. I really must get this figured out. Thanks for any and all help!!!:confused: