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I too live in GA and my allergies have been real bad. i take zyrtec year round which is awesome bc now you can get it OTC which makes life easier but i feel like it's not working or something. i cant shake my allergies, a clogged, foggy feeling. i also have nasal congestion. my anxiety skyrockets for some reason when my allergies are acting up so its been through the roof this week. last week the pollen count was somwhere around 27,000 and today it's down to 151 but they say that that's still really bad. ug when is this going to end or when are they going to develope a BETTER allergy medication?!?!?
eloise, you can try to take either a prescription nasal spray with your Zyrtec or an over the counter like Nasal-Crom. I have used Rhinocort in the past and it helped get me through the days that the allergies were cutting through the Zyrtec. For now, I just use the Nasal-Crom with the Zyrtec and it seems to be working just fine.

There is a new prescription Zyrtec either on the market now or will be out soon. My friend is a pharmaceutical sales rep for Zyrtec and told me they've got a better version replacing the one that's OTC now.