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I take Flonase 2x a day all year long. I agree with you on the Claritin. My doctor suggested Zyrtec, so I guess I will give that a try, hope it works. The Flonase works great; it helps with the inflammation and I don't get as many sinus headaches.
I've been using a nasal steroid spray year 'round for almost 7 years with no significant issues (although I'm on Rhinocort, not Nasacort) - definitely try the Zyrtec, it seems to work much better than Claritin.
If you decide to use zyrtec please read the WHOLE hand out. On page 4 I believe there is a whole section regarding the less than usual side effects. That my son experience like anxiety depression etc. he's 6.
I would stick with benedryl if I were you

good luck but be sure to read the pamphlet
I use Flonase and Zyrtec. I feel as if I have no allergies at all! But I am going to have to start splitting my 10mg zyrtec in half. It makes me so tired I have a hard time staying awake.
Yes I do take Zyrtec before bedtime. Leaves me tired all day. I just started last night splitting the tablet. I will see what happens.
I'd stay away from Zyrtec....or maybe just keep it for really bad days. There are way too many side effects from Zyrtec and I'm quite surprised it went OTC. One problem I had with Zyrtec was that I built up a tolerancy so if I took it every day for 2-3 weeks it stopped working, then had to take a break for about a week, and then start it again.

You should be fine using nasal steroids. I have gone back to Rhinocort because with the symptoms I have it's better to just take a localized medicine. My dad has taken Pulmicort (which is the asthma equivalent to Rhinocort) for 30 years and he's fine as could be......no side effects.

Good luck!