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This may just be me wishing to vent-however, I want to see if anyone else has had any luck with asthma just going away if you try to exercise/eat right and NOT use any inhaled steroids?? Just a thought.

I have a long history with an allergist (saw an ENT years ago but he said it was allergies and I needed to be tested). Got tested/bloodwork, whole 9 yards. I had not had any of this done and had suffered for about 5-6 years with it. I found I was allergic to some things, and got on Zyrtec- and later, Cyproheptadine and Singulair and also various nasal sprays-all of which cause my nose to bleed and get sore. Plus, raw throat. I just can't do the nasal sprays. So, I tried with my allergist for about 2 years however- since beginning allergy immunization treatment in summer of 2006 I have constantly got sick nearly every 3 months with "sinus infection". Treat with antibiotics and steroids (horrible prednisone that I am convinced is the Devil's own spawn) and repeat repeat....nearly every 2-3 months. I almost got worse on the shots. However, Dr kept saying my levels were improving. But I felt worse.

Now, I am seeing a Nurse Practitioner....I realize this is not the same thing as a specialist but there is an Allergist there available. I went to see the NP for the first time and she diagnosed me w/ asthma. My old allergist kept saying I had "re-current symptoms" of asthma but not exactly full blown however he would put me on Advair for a little while and I feel I got WORSE after ceasing that medicine....it was just too expensive even w/ health insurance to take! I did not find it to help, however the NP thinks it will over time long term. I am just concerned with being on an inhaled steroid like that. Yuck!

She has also began to treat me w/ a course of antibiotics (Biaxin which I have taken once before when I was near death sick-it helps but its such a nasty one that my stomach does not react well to it). I'm trying to stick it out with it as I am getting better w/ the stomach problems on day 2 already. I also worry that being on all these antibiotics has made me immune (already) and that may be why I never seem to get better! I feel like i'd sound like a hypo if I tell the NP this though. She seems very thorough and has done 2 nose cultures on me, plus had me inhale albutrol to see if it helped w/ the lung functioning and it did, but I only improved by 17% but still.

So, I guess I just wonder...has anyone else gone through the ringer with all of this and decided to just STOP the meds? Any luck at all? I would like to hear others' stories. Note: I did get bronchitis a lot as a child, was around all of the allergens I'm allergic to right now though never was tested as a child, but allergies runs in my family.
Haven't tried the Prilosec. But, NP did put me on Nexium and said these drugs take a good while for you to notice a difference so to try it for a few months before I see if it helps or not. She also wanted me to try and stay off of the Rx antihistimines (I take Xyxol, formerly Zyrtec daily and have been for 2 years now), until my infection is cleared up. Regarding the allergy testing, more did show up, now that they did the different type of testing. I am also allergic to Rye Grass, Pigweed, and asperilligus mold. There are more though, since this morning my arm from yesterday afternoon still has (new spots that showed up later) welts. So, I will have to find out what they are. The Pigweed was by far the worst though. I was also switched from Biaxin to Levaquin, in hopes that my symptoms will diminish. The NP thinks that my symptoms cannot be all allergy related, since I have them constantly. Although, when I take the Claratin, I do not sneeze or experience runny nose nearly as much. But, if the reflux was part of the problem, then my symptoms would be worsened. Also, NP said asthma can be caused by the reflux, too.