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Xyzal is made with a derivative of the active ingredient in Zyrtec - it's basically a way to launch a new prescription drug that is nearly identical to one that is now over-the-counter (the same thing happened when Claritin became OTC and the manufacturer introduced Clarinex which is still a prescription).

To be really specific, Zyrtec's active ingredient is Cetirizine and Xyzal's is a derivative of Cetirizine called Levocetirizine Dihydrochloride.
No - I've ready that Xyzal may actually make you more tired than Zyrtec - the fact that Zyrtec is over-the-counter means it will be dramatically cheaper than Xyzal (I looked it up online and Xyzal is $2.50 a dose vs. $.66 for Zyrtec) so I'd recommend starting with Zyrtec - it's cheaper and you can get it at any drugstore without a prescription.
If the zyrtec works for you, you can get 90 for $25, including shipping, from Canada.
Thanks. Zyrtec works fine for me, but my doctor wrote me a px for Xyzal, as well.
Glad to know Zyrtec is less expensive, and more readily available.
Thanks for all the responses!