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I am being driven crazy by coughing and nasal congestion and running.I have coughing fits off and on happens in the day or night and I hardly sleep at night because of it.This has been going on for a bit over two weeks now.My doctor had me taking Claritin but it does'nt do much at all a bit for the nasal congestion but nothing at all for the cough.I even tried a few cough syrups which don't touch it either.I was thinking about going today and getting Zyrtec to try but wanted to see if anyone knows if it can help with the cough? Or any other sugesstions would be appreciated..
when i had it bad, i needed a rx cough syrup. I take zyrtec daily.. at times i've needed more antihistimine to dry it up so i could sleep. Can you take decongestants? Mucionex D is good during the day. Some people can still sleep and take it twice a day but i can't
Thanks both of you for the responces...
I have been taking Zyrtec for several days now it seems to be helping some.I also got some nasal spray (Afrin) that has helped.Then I took Delsym (cough surpressant) for a few nights so I could sleep and it really worked.I woke coughing maybe twice each night instead of constant.I have not coughed uncontrolably for a few days now just a bit here and there and alot of phlem has came up which is always clear in my thoart and nose.So I am doing alot better YAY! Golfhat I feel for you ..my cough did'nt sound like a barking seal but i'd cough and cough one after another till i'd be gagging and my sternum area and ribs got sore and stayed that way for days.I had a sinus infection a few years ago and I sooo feel for you it was horrible my head felt as if it would explode and both my ears got infected antibiotics finally took care of it after about a week or so.I hope you will be all better real soon ..what your husband does the head patting sounds like something mine would do haha. Best wishes :)