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I'm sorry but I am a little confused. You've only seen dermatologists and an "orthomedic" (whatever that it) doctor? Why haven't you seen an allergist?

And there are several ways to research your durgs. First you can check the chemical make up of each of the thing you are taking and the list of contraindications. Those that state you should not take if you are alleric to sulfa drugs should be fairly obvious. I check all drugs prescribed to me before I get the scrip filled to see what those may be as I am allergic to penicillin, sulfa, tetracycline and Z Pak.

What all are you taking? And have you tried zyrtec for your skin condition?
I meant to say an orthopedic surgeon.

I am taking: Mobic
Detrol LA
Amoxicillin (as needed)

I have tried: Zyrtec
Triamcinolone cream
Mipirocin ointment (and other meds)
I thank you for your suggestion and will ask my Primary care doctor for a referral to an allergist. Sorry about the spelling I'm just a grandmother who's trying.