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I'd imagine that the veramyst should help within a week (2 wks full effect i think). Have you ever been treated for a sinus infection? I had horrible pressure this winter and finally went to urgent care and they treated me for it. It didn't quite get rid of it so i went to my allergist and ended up being on Omnicef for 38 days. My body was a mess because of it but my sinuses felt great! oddly, some of the fatigue that i had been feeling was gone too.

I have two dogs that usually get me up an hour or so before the alarm. I take a mucionex d and go back to bed. That has helped me. I also take Zyrtec at night. Claritin didn't really do anything for me...only felt the benefits for about 5-6 hours.

For the last couple of months i have not had to use my nasonex because of using a neti pot