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Back in the beginning of February, I awakend with a crop of hives that itched like all get out. It took 4 -5 five days for them to finally fade only to be replaced with another crop. In the meantime, I began itching all over my body.... I could not link this to anything. I went to my PCP, and immunologist/allergist, and finally a dermatologist. That appointment was in May. My PCP ran all kinds of tests -- all negative. The dermatologist was going to do a biopsy but I had no new lesions on the day of my appointment. She suggested that it is now chronic and must be treated as chronic condition. Her advice: to start taking Zyrtec at night and Claritin in the morning. The idea was to suppress the reaction while is wasn't in a flare. That seemed to work for me. I still itch occasionally. I'm still on the Zyrtec at night, but the itching is tolerable and I've had no more outbreaks of hives. I was also told that 85% of chronic urticaria is idiopathic, that no cause is found.

I wish you well.