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I suffer from year round allergies/sinusitis.....HOWEVER, between May and end of July, I am at my worst.

It's A/C.

Can anyone relate to this? It would make me feel better to know there are others and to find out what you do to cope beside popping a Zyrtec and trying to call it good.

I go into a major supermarket/super center in my neck of the woods. Between the bright florescent lighting and the recently polished floors and the AC, I feel horrible itchy, burny eyes and I can't focus...I feel like I am underwater, everthing seems to have a blurry, bright aura around it because of the glare from all the lights and my eye allergies (I'm assuming). I can't read labels because the more I try to focus, the more OUT of focus my vision becomes and my eyes only tear up and water. I feel dizzy. It starts to make me feel claustrophic and I always need to hurry up and get out.
Thank you, Lizzylu (my name is actually Liz, too!)! I concur, must be swollen sinuses or something.

Today, no Zyrtec, makes me too drowsy after a few days. Trying to survive on Nasonex and my eyedrops.

Good luck!!!