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did the doctor tell you not to take soemthing every day?

I've taken zyrtec 10mg daily for years. I notice the difference if i do not take it. I know some people or it may have been the norm years ago to alternate allergy meds. You don't hear that much about it anymore.

Irrigation is what is saving me.

I've taken loratadine (generic Claritin) every day for more years than I can remember.

I can't imagine why a doctor would tell you not to take them everyday - or at least every day during allergy season - if you struggle with allergies (and sinus infections). For people with chronic allergies they actually should be taken every day to help effectively manage your allergies. If you only take them after you've been exposed your body is already reacting (runny nose, congestion, etc.) and it doesn't take much congestion to produce a sinus infection in someone who's prone to them.

I've read that some people feel that loratadine loses its effectiveness after a while, although I've never felt that. There are enough other alternatives out there that it would be easy to rotate Claritin and Zyrtec to avoid any chance of that happening.
I didn't have any luck with the Claritin/Loraditine. I tried it when it first came out for a few months. After about 6 hours it started wearing off for me. Zyrtec seems to work the best for me. I do have times when i feel like i need something more.. Lately, i think i'm fighting a infection since i've had more symptoms. I've just upped my irrigation another time or two and added a tiny bit of peroxide.
Stuff like claritin or Zyrtec works better if you take it every day, prevents histamine from building up in your body and irritation/congestion from building up in sinuses.
Well, I am so happy to hear this. My Dr. has told me to not take antihistimines every day, but I am going to. I am very allergic. And Im tired of sinus infection after sinus infection... I tried allergy shots:mad:. And Im through with them. About 5 yrs worth, and it never went anywhere except out of my pocketbook...

So, as much as I hate to, Im just making my own plan to combat my allergies, and will only go to the Dr. if I need to. Zyrtec is my choice and Im so glad its over the counter now. I have been sick less just since I started buying it and taking it daily. Ragweed season is coming and that will be difficult, Im interested to see how I do after taking these every day...

I have also considered high dose Vit. C therapy, has anyone else tried this for allergies?
I have been taking zyrtec for at least 5 years daily, Sometimes 5 mg, sometimes 10mg. Have you ever stopped for a few days, really only even one or two days (ran out) and felt very edgy, like you were going to snap and could not sleep good?