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Food allergies (like allergies to peanut butter) don't usually cause symptoms like a runny nose - they cause things like tingling of the lips, itchy skin around your mouth, nausea and, in severe cases, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and anaphylaxis (systemic inflammation of tissues throughout the body that can be life-threatening).

All of that to say that peanut butter is probably not the cause of the symptoms you describe.

The easiest solution would be to find an allergist and get tested so you can find out exactly what you're allergic to (and be prepared for the possibility that you're allergic to dogs).

You might also consider taking something other than Benadryl. Zyrtec (or the generic version cetirizine) is available without a prescription, works for 24 hours at a time, and typically works better at controlling allergies if you take it every day.

If you have ongoing allergies it's really important that you take an antihistamine daily to keep them under control - once the allergic reaction starts it's harder to control it (although Benadryl works well at slowing down an allergic reaction once it starts, it's not the best for managing ongoing allergies because it's short acting).
Yeah i wouldn't be surprised if it was my dogs.Maybe Zyrtec may help me better because I have to live with my 2 dogs.
yeah maybe now is a bad season for allergies.AllI mnow is that the back of my throat itches like crazy and my nose is either runnuing or stuffed up.Is Zyrtec over the counter?? I probably should go to an allergist.I wonder if it is my dog's will there be a medicine thst helps me because the Benadryl no longer works.