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I have and practically live with 2 dogs and Im always in the same room with them.I was wondering is there a Medication over the counter to help me deal with this problem?? Im not 100% sure is just the dogs but if it is would Zyrtec help:confused:
Zyrtec would definitely be the best option for you. It is available without a prescription and there are generic versions available that will be cheaper than the brand name (the active ingredient is Cetirizine so check the label on the generics to make sure that's what you're buying).

In order for it to help you'll need to take it every day since it sounds like you're around the dogs a lot. If you wait to take it when you're having symptoms it won't help as much.

You might also consider putting a room HEPA air filter in your bedroom and trying to keep the bedroom clean of any dog hair - there's only so much the meds can do if you're constantly exposed to allergens.
Zyrtec is available without a prescription and should be out on the shelf with the other allergy medications. Brand name Zyrtec is a little expensive but some places have generic Cetirizine (same active ingredient as Zyrtec) that's fairly inexpensive - if you're a Costco member you can get 300 tablets for about $20.