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I took zyrtec almost everyday last year.Then I tried to stop it and not taking it made me sneeze uncontrollably , even more that what I was sneezing before I started taking it. But slowly I weaned myself off it .Last week I suddenly had a lot of issues with allergies, further leading to a full fledged Asthma attack and I had to go to the ER.I am sure that Zyrtec had helped me earlier to fight off the allergies but I don't want to get used to it....
My question is Can I take zyrtec only on the days that I have all the allergy symptoms like sneezing ,runny nose ,itchy throat etc;......or should I take it daily ? Anyone using zyrtec please help....
Thanks for the reply Titchou.
Does Zyrtec help if taken only on the day when needed or is it necessary to take it everyday to get the optimum benefit?
Depending on how bad the attack is, it may take a couple of days to get ahead of it. Sounds like you need to be on shots if you are having this much trouble. Or if the Zyrtec works well for you, just take one every day. Since it's OTC now, it isn't that much and you can also get it even cheaper from Canada. Taking it every day will not hurt you.
You could always try to alternate with claritin or something... Myself i prefer just to take the zyrtec daily. I don't have asthma but have the sneezing, itchy eyes etc.
Thank you all so much for your inputs.
I guess I am going to start taking Zyrtec again everyday at least during the allergy season.....I am just a bit apprehensive because of the tremendous discomfort that I had when I quit taking it!
I had also tried some homeopathic medicines for treatment of allergies,which did help up to some extent but on a really bad day I had to resort to allopathy for a quick relief.