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Thanks everyone for taking the time to answer. I bought some chlor trimeton a few days ago and have taken that once a day. I bought zyrtec and it made me feel really ill and moody not sure why. I usually have to take a decongestant for the headaches. Thanks again everyone I will try to continue the shots. A year is too long though lol.
I agree with other posters. It took about a year to feel significant improvement on shots. They do help many people, however you never become "unallergic" IMHO. I know I developed new allergies when I moved. For me, things that work are Zyrtec, saline rinses, spending time at beach and of course avoiding things I know cause me problems when possible. I have recently been reading about a procedure called radiofrequency reduction for the turbinates. It is supposed to be less invasive than the traditional surgery. Anyone have experience with this?